Pottery Spawns the Entrepreneurial Journey

Earlier this month the dynamic duo behind Pigeon and the Hen Pottery graced CASB Middle School students with their presence, delivering an inspiring presentation tailored for our sixth-grade students, focusing on the entrepreneurial journey. Engaging the students with tales of their business’s inception, the owners candidly shared the challenges and triumphs encountered along their path. They generously imparted valuable advice, leaving an indelible mark on budding entrepreneurs.

Remarkably, the Pigeon and the Hen ladies celebrated a decade of business success this year, a testament to their resilience and passion. The CASB sixth-graders had the delightful opportunity to express their creativity by painting personalized ornaments for our Christmas tree that will be proudly displayed in the CASB 6th grade flex area. Needless to say, the activity was a resounding success, with the students thoroughly enjoying every moment of the artistic endeavor. The visit not only left a lasting impact on our young minds but also added a festive touch to the anticipation of the holiday season.